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Current Projects

Last Updated: 11/07/2023
This list is not all inclusive.
If you have a concern please contact us to make sure we are aware if you do not see it listed below.

  • Leo the Lion – New part never arrived, so Leo did not get much use this year. Hopefully next year we will have him fully refurbished and functioning!

  • Electric Right-of-Ways – in progress – clearing trees and widening right-of-ways to prevent future power outages. High impact on resources including: personnel, equipment, downtime, repair costs, etc.
  • Electrical Conversion – initial planning process. The Village’s goal is to convert from our current outdated 2400 volt system to a 7200 volt system with the majority of it buried underground. This will drastically increase reliability, reduce line losses ($), and allow for improved maintenance and safety implementations to take place. Also exploring options to increase efficiency of our hydro electric dam, including minimum flow and higher output. We are also exploring options for a solar plant with battery backup.
  • Updating the Comprehensive Plan – initial phase.
  • Houghton St – sewer repair complete – road re-paving to be done in the future but is approved.
  • East St Lift Station replacements (2) – Complete.
  • Multiple sewer/water line replacements – in progress – exploring funding and engineering.