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Current Projects

Last Updated: 05/20/2023
This list is not all inclusive.
If you have a concern please contact us to make sure we are aware if you do not see it listed below.

  • Electric Right-of-Ways – in progress – clearing trees and widening right-of-ways to prevent future power outages. High impact on resources including: personnel, equipment, downtime, repair costs, etc.
  • Houghton St – sewer repair complete – road re-paving to be done in the future.
  • Roads – some potholes have been filled intermittently with gravel but it washes out quickly – repairs in progress in multiple areas as funds and conditions allow.
  • Lower Lake Severe Weather Siren – repair pending delivery – 8-10 week delivery time provided by vendor (05/20/2023)
  • East St Lift Station replacements (2) – in progress – approved and awaiting installation. Will assist with issues related to the use of baby wipes and other items that do not belong in the sewer system along with overdue upgrade to ensure our system operates properly.
  • Mill St sewer replacement – project phase. Estimated completion 2024-2025.
  • General maintenance including curb stop repairs, curb/concrete repairs including Gile Park and the Cemetery, cleanup including street sweeping are all pending or in progress at this time.