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The Village of Merrillan runs its own public utility. There are many like this throughout Wisconsin, but we are a member of the UMMEG joint action agency. This includes municipalities like ours, Arcadia, Cashton, New Lisbon, and many others. This group runs and operates many of their own power generation facilities, such as hydro, solar, natural gas, and so forth. We negotiate pricing within our own group along with wholesale providers like Dairyland Power. This keeps rates low for citizens. Our main feeder line to the Village is owned and maintained by Jackson Electric.

Merrillan is currently at 7.4 cents per kwh, the average in Wisconsin is 17c, nationwide 18c. Our meter charge is $7.50, whereas many other providers have meter charges that are considerably higher. Please see the rate file below for full details on our charges.

For more information regarding the Electric Utilities please contact:

106 N East St
P.O. Box 70
Merrillan, WI 54754

Utilities Clerk
101 S Main St
P.O. Box 70
Merrillan, WI 54754
715-333-2332 Ext.22