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Feral Cat Mitigation

June 1st, 2023
Attn: Village Residents

Over the past several years the Village has experienced an increase in feral cats. Recently
the Village in coordination with the Jackson County Animal Shelter has taken steps to
mitigate the issue. It is requested that Village residents do not feed the feral cats or
otherwise enable the growth of the problem.

Feral cats, and other animals, can spread disease, viruses, and cause other issues. This
includes feline immunodeficiency virus, feline leukemia virus, feline panleukopenia virus,
rabies, and distemper to other animals. Zoonotic diseases such as rabies, toxoplasma
gondii, cutaneous larval migrans, tularemia, and plague to humans.

As you can see, controlling a feral cat population is important. If you wish to participate in
the program please contact the Village Hall for additional information.

Again, do not feed or otherwise enable feral cats within our community. There are risks, as
outlined, involved in doing so and potential further action will be taken as necessary to
continue our mitigation efforts. If you have any cats within your possession they need to be
properly vaccinated and licensed according to ordinance.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. The letter is attached below.

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