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Merrillan Speed Reduction Petition: Jackson County Board Approves Resolution

Last night, August 21st, 2023, the Jackson County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution in support of the speed reduction petition for the Village of Merrillan. We will now put everything together and send it off to the Department of Transportation.

The Village of Merrillan wishes to thank citizens, visitors, and employees for pushing this, along with Bill Laurent (County Board Supervisor for District 9), Jay Borek (Highway Commissioner), the Jackson County Highway Committee, the Jackson County Executive and Finance Committee, and the Jackson County Board as a whole for assisting with this effort.

The original post with the petition can be found here:

Below you will find the resolution.

Thank you!

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Garbage Pickup Reminder

This is a reminder regarding the new Waste Management Garbage Pickup policy since we are seeing a lot of extra items being placed curbside that will not get picked up.

– First, the trash cans have to be placed in a certain manner in order for the new trucks to pick up the bins. The cans must have the lid opening portion facing the roadway. If there are multiple cans from WM set out, they must be at least three (3) feet apart for the same reasons.

If you have anything other than the approved 96 gallon trash bin set out it will not be picked up. Additional bins are available by calling Waste Management directly and requesting one. There is a monthly fee billed directly to you for each additional bin beyond the first one.

– If your trash was set out correctly and on time (by 7am) and then not picked up, please notify the Village as soon as possible. You can either use the report service issues form on the website or call the hall directly. If no one knows it was missed there is not a lot that can be done. If the truck is still around they may still be able to get it, if not they will reschedule a pickup as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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Gile Park Fundraiser Thank You’s!

We would like to send a big thank you to everyone that attended our Park Fundraiser last week, the response was awesome, and the Brat & Hot Dog Fundraiser raised $1748.09.

We would also like to send a big THANK YOU to our large donors:

The Depot Saloon – $4329.00

Deerview – $1000.00

Corner Bar – $555.00

Northern Family Farms – $400.00

Jeff Capser – $400.00

We are $8432.09 closer to bathrooms and showers at the Gile Park!

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Brat & Hotdog Sale!

July 25th 11am – 2pm

July 26th 3pm – 6pm

$8 includes: hotdog or brat, potato salad, baked beans, chips, and a soda or water!

Pre-Orders Available – Call by 4pm Monday, July 24th – 715-333-2332

All proceeds go to Gile Memorial Park

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Fireworks Ordinance

The Village of Merrillan wants everyone to have a safe and Happy 4th of July. With that in mind there needs to be a reminder sent out regarding fireworks. The keyword here is safe. As some of us may already know, just tonight at the Sparta FIreworks event a firework tipped over and discharged into the crowd, causing injuries to an unknown extent. This was at a controlled and permitted event. It can happen anywhere, at any time, and to anyone.

Merrillan has an ordinance, Title 7, Chapter 6, Section 1 (7-6-1), outlining the requirements to set off fireworks within the Village, including what is allowed without a permit. A permit is required for the large fireworks that have been going off within the Village over the holiday, along with insurance for this specific purpose. A good rule of thumb is if it goes up, or blows up, it’s against the law.

Thank you to those who were respectful when requested to stop setting off the fireworks.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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