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Caution: Fall Hazard

It has come to our attention that the sidewalk along Gile Park between the bridge and south to Park Drive is slippery. This is normally wet due to the amount of water we have received, but today it was found that there is an oil-like substance making it extremely hazardous. This oil-like substance is a polymer oil used for hydraulic boring when crews have been putting in the fiber optic cables. Due to the high amount of rain and the water table currently, we are told it is leaking out in many areas where fiber optic lines have been buried. Please use caution as always on wet sidewalks, but if you notice an oil-like fluid coming up within the Village, please let us know.

This area has been blocked off until we can get it cleaned up. Note, the grassy area surrounding the sidewalk here is waterlogged and has this fluid in it as well, so please use caution and care within the vicinity.

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Planned Power Outage & Maintenance Alert

Electric line maintenance will be performed on July 11th, 2024 from approximately 9am-10am CST. This will affect East Pearl St (east of the bridge), Bunting Ln, and Beach Dr residents. The power will be out for approximately 30-60 minutes if everything goes smooth. The purpose of this maintenance is to address a line issue in a tough-to-reach area that has been causing increased outages recently. Please plan accordingly.

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Re-scheduled Board Meeting

The regular monthly board meeting originally scheduled for Thursday, July 11th, 2024 has been re-scheduled for Thursday, July 18th, 2024 at 6:30 PM to allow for visitation and celebration of life events to take place due to the passing of Superintendent Chris Danielson. Please continue to keep the Danielson family in your thoughts and prayers as they navigate this loss. If anyone has any questions or concerns about this re-scheduled board meeting, please contact Chris Wruck, Village President:, 608-487-3505. Thank you.

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Superintendent Danielson

We are extremely saddened with the news of the passing of Village Superintendent Chris Danielson.

No one ever expects it. You don’t know where to begin or what to do.

When one says there are no words, there really aren’t. All we know is this: he was a great employee, father, son, brother, uncle, and much, much more. He is definitely going to be missed by MANY.

Most are still trying to process this, including myself. It’s a back and forth almost never-ending battle. As I sit here trying to write this on behalf of our Village, there is one thing that stands out and deserves to be brought to light: We have a community here. A community that has stepped up, as they always have. It was definitely witnessed today, and it says a lot.

We are thankful for this community and for those who have stepped up – you know who you are.

We are thankful for the challenges Chris endured for our Village. Whether it was to keep the power on, clear the roads, keep our water safe, and a very long list of other responsibilities. It takes dedication, that’s for sure.

We also want to extend our deepest condolences to Chris’s family during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with them as they navigate this loss. We ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers as well. Penny – we got you.

We are thankful for the opportunity to have known and worked with Chris.

Thank you, Chris. We will navigate this together.

Chris Wruck
President, Village of Merrillan

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Grass Clippings and Roadways

When individuals mow their lawns and blow the clippings onto the street, it can create a hazardous situation. The accumulation of grass clippings on the roadway can be likened to a sheet of ice, posing significant risks to motorists, particularly motorcyclists and bicyclists, who are more prone to losing control due to their limited traction. This can lead to:

  • Accidents and injuries
  • Vehicle damage or even total loss
  • Potential legal consequences for the property owner or mower

The danger is not limited to the roads, as grass clippings can also clog storm drains in Village streets, leading to:

  • Flooding and property damage
  • Increased risk of waterborne diseases and pollution
  • Higher maintenance costs for the Village’s infrastructure

In fact, the Village of Merrillan has a specific ordinance in place about grass clippings. According to Section 6-2-18 of the Village’s ordinance, “Grass Clippings” shall not be allowed to accumulate on public streets or be dumped onto public right-of-way in such a way that they could wash into storm sewer drainage inlets in significant quantities.

To avoid putting others at risk and potentially facing these consequences, it is essential to mow your grass clippings into your yard or clean them up immediately after mowing. By doing so, you can help ensure a safer environment for all users of the roadways, protect your own property and assets, and comply with local regulations.

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Memorial Day

The Village Hall will be closed in observance of Memorial Day, Monday, May 27th, 2024.

Unfortunately there will not be a Memorial Day Service at the Cemetery. Please watch for updates regarding potential Memorial Day events in the future.

Honoring the Brave

As we gather with loved ones and enjoy the freedoms we’ve been granted, let us take a moment to remember the sacrifices made by those who have given their lives in service to our country.

On Memorial Day, we honor the brave men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Their courage, selflessness, and dedication to our nation have inspired generations and protected our freedom.

We remember the fallen heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives so that we might live in peace. Their memory lives on in our hearts, and we are forever grateful for their service.

As we celebrate Memorial Day, let us also reflect on the values of patriotism, honor, and duty that they embodied. Let us strive to emulate their courage, resilience, and devotion to our country.

To the families of those who have served, we offer our deepest gratitude for your sacrifices and your unwavering support. May this day be a reminder of the importance of their service and the debt we owe to them.

May we never forget the price of freedom and may we always cherish the memories of those who have given their lives to protect our nation.

Thank you to all who have served. May your sacrifices never be forgotten.

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